SHS 480 High Magnetic Ultra High Torsion Motor

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  • One of the Best Motors on the Market
  • Made for a lot of power! Used regularly with 350+ fps Gel Blasters
  • Increased Trigger Response
  • Improved Rate of Fire
  • Improved Power Consumption
  • Ultra High Torque Motor – Can Handle M150 Spring with Ease
  • Ndfeb Magnetic Steel
  • Long Axis
  • Steel Pinion Gear
  • Shaft Spring
  • Compatible with Jinming Gen9, Jingji, std slr, Kublai, LDT HK416, arp9 gel blaster gun and 556, V2 Receiver Shell Gearbox etc


  • For Age: 14+
  • note that JM Gen.8 and JM Gen.9 cannot use the motor, need to replace motor base
  • Refit requires a certain hands-on ability, refit has risks, players need to carefully consider

Note that the motor is a ordinary magnetic motor, the speed will be improved compared with the original motor, but not obvious, mainly the increase of the torque, the thick spring, the effect is more significant



Ndfeb Magnetic Steel
Product Weight: 179g
Package Dimensions: 11 x 4.3 x 3cm
Package Weight: 195g
Packing: Plastic Box